Weekly Spotlight

Springhill Medical Center is a 58-bed facility offering services that include a general medical unit, geriatric psychiatric unit, substance withdrawal services, 24-hour emergency room, full-service radiology including MRI, CT, and ultrasound.  Laboratory services, respiratory therapy and physical therapy are also available along with surgical facilities for colonoscopies and endoscopes. In addition to the hospital, Springhill Medical Center owns three rural health clinics, Doctors Clinic, North Webster Medical Clinic, and Bradley Medical Clinic, and an outpatient physical therapy clinic, Springhill Physical Therapy.

Springhill Medical Center has been recognized as one of seven hospitals in Louisiana to receive a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for quality care. CMS created the five-star quality rating system to help individuals, families, and caregivers compare hospitals more easily. This quality rating system gives each facility a rating between one and five stars. Centers with five stars are considered to have a level of quality that is well above average.

There are people in your life you can count on to help you stay well or feel better when you’re not…like family, friends and the caring professionals at Springhill Medical Center and their clinics.  You can be assured that the dedicated team of nurses, technicians and providers are committed to providing advanced personalized care – always taking the time to listen so they can get to know you.  And with specialized services at the hospital and dedicated professionals at the Doctors Clinic, North Webster Medical Clinic, Bradley Medical Clinic, and Springhill Physical Therapy, exceptional care is close to you.

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